Fabric Printing

The fabrics, papers and hardware you need to create stunning wide format textile applications such as upholstery, home décor, garments, soft signage and sportswear.

Textile Printing

Rolls of fabric can be digitally printed with vibrant and striking imagery using one of several printing processes, either printing using a paper to textile (Transfer) method or printing onto the textile itself (Direct).

The process required depends upon the type of textile being printed onto, generally categorised as Synthetics (Polyester) and Naturals (Cotton, Linen, Silk etc..).

Xpres offers a range of Sublimation and Pigment printers  to easily enable your business to print a variety of textiles.

Sublimation Print

Sublimation is the most common process for printing onto Polyester textiles, as the ink dyes the fibres and sits ‘within’ the textile, rather than on the surface, resulting in excellent durability and longevity.

The sublimation process normally involves printing onto a transfer paper and transferring the ink onto the textile by use of heat and pressure via a heat press (pieces) or a rotary calendar (rolls).

Xpres offers a wide range of Sublimation Printers , Heat Presses and Calendar Units  to produce Décor, Apparel and Display applications.

Print Direct

Direct to textile printing alleviates the need for sublimation paper by printing directly onto the chosen fabric. In this process the ink sits on the surface of the textile, but allows for a wider range of applications including both natural and synthetic fabrics.

Pigment printing is quickly becoming the chosen process for printing an expanding range of textiles due to the ease of production and limited hardware requirements.

This process requires a coated fabric, also known as Prepared For Print (PFP), to be printed directly onto, before being passed through a heat fixation process to cure. Once cured the fabric is generally machine washable and more durable.

Xpres has a range of Direct to textile printing Hardware that will allow your business to easily print Cottons, Linens, Silks and many other fabrics.


Xpres' range of digital textiles encompasses a variety of fabrics that can be used to produce Apparel/ Clothing, Soft-Signage/Display and Interior/Exterior Décor.

The Polyester textiles range includes Apparel & Décor fabrics, plus Display and Soft Signage textiles in widths up to 3.2m.

Sublimation Papers

Heavier papers can hold more ink without 'cockling' during printing. These papers are universal and can be used in the production of hard substrates, such as ChromaLuxe and Mugs, as well as textiles.

Calendar Paper is designed to protect the heated drum and belt on a calendar and is recommended to pro-long the life of the machine, reducing the need for expensive parts.

Lighter weight papers are suitable for the lower ink requirements of textiles and Thermal Adhesive papers help to reduce shrinkage (ghosting) in stretch fabrics.

In addition to our standard sized rolls, Xpres can supply Maxi-Rolls and Mini-Jumbo rolls for volume production printers. To find our more please call 01332 85 50 85.

Stands & Hardware

Xpres has a full range of stands and hardware for digitally printed textiles to be presented for the Exhibition and Display market.

The range includes Banner Stands, Flag Poles, outdoor A Frames and other accessories.

In addition, Xpres can produce bespoke sized Silicone Edged Graphic (SEG) frames in non-lit, front-lit, side-lid and back-lit options. SEG frames are perfect for advertising, temporary displays and frequently changing graphic requirements.